Fearless∞ - Selfie kaninang pag kagising. Mukha akong ewan :3 
Just another teenager girl try to find Love, Happiness, and Peace. Her name is Cykaina Elijah R. Fernandez. You can call her kaina, sky and cy. Sky is the little princess of their family.

She’s currently taking Bachelor of Mass Communication at Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. She believes that she is destined to be a masscom student. Her dream is to be a successful DJ or host someday. She want’s to have a pastry shop or a mini restaurant when she accomplished everything she desire.

As a daughter of God she will push through with her ambition. She’s a Born-Again Christian and proud to be one of them. She’s a sinner and redeemed by her savior.

She’s a soft hearted individual. Sky is lovely, bubbly and unique in her own simply way. Somehow, she’s kinda moody person but her asset is she easily comprehend with the necessity of a problem. She’s a trustworthy girl and loyal to friends and the higher ups. She appreciate every little things she received and treasure whatever is given to her. She’s approachable and kind to everybody though some people abused her kindness. She has a long temperance.

This young lady loves to sing. It’s her passion. She know’s that music is her company most of the time. For her, music shows how her feeling was. Other than music she also loves to hang out with her friends, surfing net, watching movies and teledramas, late night conversations and to eat a lot.

When she fall in love, she really fell in love. ♥

P.S Thanks for dropping by in my blog. ヽ(^o^)ノ I hope you enjoy staying here. Don't be shy to leave some message if you want.

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Selfie kaninang pag kagising. Mukha akong ewan :3 

Selfie kaninang pag kagising. Mukha akong ewan :3 

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